Conditions of Entry



You must

  1. act in a courteous and respectful manner towards employees, volunteers and other members of the public,
  2. present any bags and items for inspection by employees/volunteers upon request,
  3. maintain reasonable community dress and hygiene standards, including appropriate footwear and clothing,
  4. abide by all reasonable and lawful directions given by employees/volunteers, including any request to remove yourself from the premises,
  5. ensure children under the age of 16 years are accompanied and remain supervised by a Carer or Guardian at all times,
  6. use with care any prams, strollers, mobility scooters/motorised wheelchairs and walking aids to avoid injury to persons and damage to property,
  7. take special care around animals, horse drawn and/or motorised vehicles which have right of way in all circumstances in all parts of the premises,
  8. refrain from accessing areas where public access is not permitted, unless authorised by the Supervisor or Delegated Officer to do so.

    You must not

  9. engage in disorderly, indecent, offensive or unlawful behaviour,
  10. cause fear or distress to other persons or animals,
  11. assault, threaten, intimidate, insult or harass any person, either verbally or physically,
  12. disrupt others or the Village operations,
  13. consume alcohol or illicit substances, or enter the premises in any already intoxicated state or affected by a prohibited substance (alcohol consumption within the Shearing Shed and/or at an approved event or program excepted),
  14. smoke or consume tobacco products or vapour cigarettes or devices within the premises or within the legislated distance from entrances,
  15. wilfully and deliberately make excessive noise,
  16. cause damage to persons or property,
  17. leave personal possessions unattended unless permitted by an employee or volunteer,
  18. take photos or other imagery of a person without that person’s consent,
  19. operate or solicit a business unless as part of an endorsed Council activity,
  20. undertake fund raising (including selling raffle tickets or soliciting donations) without prior written consent from the Supervisor or Delegated Officer,
  21. carry out any religious, charitable or other hawking,
  22. distribute a petition or conduct a survey without prior written consent from the Supervisor or Delegated Officer,
  23. bring any prohibited items into the premises, dispose of any waste of any kind other than in a waste container provided for that purpose,
  24. bring an animal into the premises, with the exception of certified Guide, Hearing or Assistance dogs. Permitted animals are not allowed near the duck enclosure, chicken enclosure, viewing platform or near any livestock due to the distress and safety risks it can cause to these animals.