School Tours

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School Tours 

Let us help you make learning fun!

We can cater for school tours from Prep and above. Our tours are catered to match the school learning curriculum and can be customised to suit your learning requirements. 

We offer vintage car rides to show the difference between transport now and then and even a stage coach ride. 

Take a walk through one of our cottages which are over 100 years old where the living conditions were very different to the creature comforts we have now!  

Finish off your trip with a farmyard animal experience where you can hand feed different breeds of goats, sheep, miniature horse and even our Clydesdale horses. 

See below the flyers for School Tours:

Guided tours start from $10 per person and go for three hours. 

Arnold's Cafe is available to cater for your morning tea or lunch requirements, alternatively bring your own lunch. 

Please note, the maximum group booking is 80 students.  

To make a booking, contact us on Phone | 07 4936 8681 or Email |


Students need a hat, closed in shoes, sunscreen and water bottles. Cameras are welcome.





The Rockhampton Grammar School  - 5 August 2022

We would like to thank you for allowing the grade 2 students from The Rockhampton Grammar School to visit the Heritage Village this week. The students walked away with a wealth of knowledge, and we are sure the students are eager to go back and explore further with their families.

The transport volunteers (stagecoach, tram, horse and carriage and jeep) were great and the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It gave them a great opportunity to see what past types of transport were on display as well.

‘Sir’ was fantastic! There was a great balance of the old school traditions and strict routines and then the debrief at the end was a nice way to end the session.

The excursion was fast-paced, and the lack of down time kept the students engaged at all times. Anne and Les as tour guides were great and explained a lot about the history at a student friendly level. They were polite and even accommodated some extra requests at the end for a quick visit to Dingley’s cottage and City Printing Works.

Narelle’s group also thoroughly enjoyed the excursion, and it was evident that Narelle knew a lot about the historical features at the Village. It was wonderful that our rotations were kept to time and some additional time at the end allowed us to see a couple of other sites briefly.